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Face massive hordes of mobs and unleash chaotic abilities that paint the screen with mayhem. Dive into the largest mob density of any 3D ARPG and slay them all. Wield epic powers, create your build, and shape a world of endless possibilities in the action-packed ARPG experience.


Dwarven Realms is a small indie project, currently in VERY early access, and represents our best attempt to create a distinctive ARPG experience. It's a work in progress and rough around the edges, but it offers a unique charm—a blend of systems inspired by classic ARPGs and the frenetic mob density reminiscent of survivors-like games (all in the third-person view).

The game is a passion project built in just over a year by two only people (identical twin brothers). As novice game developers, we embarked on this journey to create something different. Dwarven Realms doesn't aim to be for everyone. Recognizing its rough edges, the game unfolds into a challenging and chaotic experience. Expect exploding mobs, evolving skills, and a journey that's far from conventional.

Absurd Physics: Brace yourself for a wild ride as Dwarven Realms takes physics to the extreme, creating an environment where chaos is the norm.
Insane Mob Density: Dive into battles against colossal hordes of mobs, experiencing heart-pounding action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Engaging Updates: Committing to regular updates, we strive to keep the gameplay dynamic, ensuring every session feels like a new and exciting adventure.

* Our focus lies in delivering simplicity, ridiculousness, and addictiveness. Dwarven Realms strikes a balance, offering an engaging experience that captivates players with its unique charm, with a surprising amount of depth.
* We operate differently from big studios, embracing seasonal wipes, concise patch notes (or sometimes lack of), and agile meta changes (mid-season) to name a few. We appreciate your positive attitude while playing DR.

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